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Enabling competitive advantage via Blockchain Technology.

Bob Bonomo, LLC Blockchain Consulting
Bob Bonomo
President Bob Bonomo, LLC
  • Mr. Bonomo is a Digital Currency Council certified Technology, Process and Business Consultant and former Chief Information Officer at two major Wall Street firms.
  • His areas of expertise are the Wealth / Asset Management component of the Global Financial Services sector, Blockchain Technologies and the Bitcoin & Ethereum Ecosystems.
  • Bob is a thought leader, industry speaker and passionate advocate of Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technologies.  
  • In his article entitled "The Winning Blockchain Pattern For 21st Century Productivity", Bob lays out a 4 Layer view of  an interoperable, blockchain based economic landscape, including Payments & Identity, Consortia based solutions to common industry specific problems, Global Supply Chain Management and Internal Corporate Processes & Work Flows.
  • Bob Chairs theTechnology & Product Committeeof the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and is a Blockchain instructor at their WCF program.
  • Previously Mr. Bonomo spent over 25 years on Wall Street designing, delivering and managing innovative global systems, processes and teams.
  • From Developer to CIO, he was a key transformation agent at Sanford C. Bernstein / Alliance Bernstein and OppenheimerFunds Inc.
  • In another lifetime, Bob worked at JP Morgan, Moody’s Investors Service and Digital Equipment Corporation. He received a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University School of Engineering & Applied Science in 1981.
Dapps, Blockchain, DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology, Bitcoin, Strategy, Proof of Concepts, POCs, Technology Consulting
The 5 P's, My Philosophy
  • To drive & align personal, team and company objectives, I utilize my philosophy called The 5 Ps.
  • The 5 Ps philosophy can be utilized to maximize teamwork, productivity and impact regardless of industry, company size or target objective.
  • Such a mindset naturally embraces technology to formalize, evolve and optimize decision making processes.
  • Working together we will identify the challenges & options, formalize a strategy & plan and deliver tangible, incremental results.
Dapps, Blockchain, DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology, Bitcoin, Strategy, Proof of Concepts, POCs, Technology Consulting
Our Business Model
  • As an independent consultant, I am a trusted, advisor, without allegiance to any vendor, service or technology.
  • I help my clients move from Plateau A to Peak B.
  • Most contracts are time and materials based but fixed price engagements can be arranged.
  • I work seamlessly within organizations and across all levels of business, technology and management.
  • I serve clients globally, onsite as needed, otherwise via the virtual meeting toolsets most appropriate for your organization’s needs.
  • As needed, I identify “rings” of trusted software developers, service providers and knowledge experts for inclusion in project consulting engagements. 
  • From this well tested pool, my intention is to add new employees and ultimately LLC equity partners.
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