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Blockchain Consulting
Enabling competitive advantage via Blockchain Technology.

Eliminate the hype, learn key concepts and understand the technology.
Minimize operational risk by selecting the right ecosystem, partners and Proof Of Concepts projects.

Maximize impact via initiatives that add value today and are also strategic building blocks for the future.
  1. HOW will your business operate and make money in a blockchain enabled world?
  2. HOW will your industry’s landscape be disrupted with respect to business processes, trusted partners, organizational efficiencies and expectations for transparency ?
  3. WHY do we need the Blockchain vs a relational database with traditional username/password based transaction validation?
  4. WHAT belongs on the Blockchain and what should stay off the Blockchain?
  5. WHAT investments in capital, technology, talent and training are required to leverage blockchain technology for competitive advantage ?
  6. WHICH threat model exists that demands consensus / validation ?
  7. WHO needs to see the consensus / validation associated with state change  ?
  8. WHEN do you need initial transaction acceptance and final validation ?
  9. WHERE will large, supportive, non transactional data be stored ?

Optimize project delivery and transparency by utilizing best practice based tools and processes. 
  1. Knows financial services, operations and technology implementations.
  2. Experienced in reengineering / change management.
  3. Removes obstacles to blockchain implementations.
  4. Shares what every department is doing.
  5. Facilitates best practices adoptions.
  6. Project-manages across various implementations.
  7. Paired with an IT person for ad-hoc experimentations that don’t require approvals.
  8. External and internal spokesperson and blockchain enthusiast / evangelist.

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